Social Media Services


More Packages coming sooon!

Did you know that 220+ million people visit the top 25 social networks each month?

We offer a specialized social media package for small business clients offering personalized online marketing with affordable monthly rates. We will determine a definitive price upon consultation with the client.

We feel it is best to focus on your two main social media networks. We will discuss with each client to determine how many networks and which networks that we will work on. All of these packages offer custom solutions that reach out to your customers on a personal level.


Frequently Asked Questions:

We want you to understand the concepts of our marketing tactics. This way our clients can keep up with what we do and see the value of what they are getting.

What is Social Media Marketing (SMM)?
Social Media Marketing is the promotion of content through Social Media in order to increase exposure of a brand/artist. Our Social Media Marketing experts use their expertise in order to find targeted users that will be interested in what you are promoting.

What is Social Media Optimization (SMO)?
Social Media Optimization is preparing your content for Social Media Marketing. SMO is the act of creating the content and making it user friendly. Social Media Marketing promotes this content through the use of Social media.

How many Social Media sites do you use?
There are a countless number of Social Media websites out there, but the effectiveness of them in marketing varies. The best way, in our opinion, to increase exposure through social media is to use the ones that have the most authority. These authority websites being Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Youtube, and that is to only name a few.

How useful is Social Media Marketing?
SMM has revolutionized marketing by making marketing available to everyone. Its effectiveness is off the charts. People are constantly sharing links with one another and content is being distributed at an extremely fast pace. When content is shared, hundreds of additional people can now see the content and can share it again! One share can branch into thousands of views. SMM has basically allowed things to go “viral”.

I already use my Social Media sites, what do I need you for?
Great question; simple answer, we are experts. This is what we do every day for hundreds of people. We have practice, experience and analytics. We know where to post, who to post to, and what to post. We get you new followers/friends, get your content shared, and improve your social image.

How do you do it?
We use our specialized social media tools in order to find targeted users that will be interested in your content. We share your content in ways that will be visible to these targeted users. We attempt to connect with these users so they will see all future content. Once the user is connected to your account, they will then be susceptible to your content at all times and may share your content to their friends. If the process is done correctly, it creates a sharing tree that grows exponentially.

What do you consider a successful Social Media Marketing campaign?
We judge our success by how much you profit from our services. If you get a return on investment on the traffic that we bring to your Social Media platforms, then we did our job. We strive to make sure you’re as satisfied as possible. If you’re spending money on us, we expect you to hold us accountable. Our goal is to make you money.

Which social media website is the best one to use?
There is no clear-cut answer to that. Some sites are better for certain things, they all have their specialties. Twitter is good to get shares, Facebook is good to brand yourself, and YouTube is great for presenting your content. The best thing to do is to tell us what you do and we will present a campaign to you that we feel is the most logical way to help you have a successful marketing campaign. However, if already have success on a specific network, it is easier to build off of that than to build success from scratch.

Is there a money back guarantee?
Of course there is! If we fail you, we don’t expect you to waste your money. We want our clients to feel as safe as possible with our services. The more comfortable you are with us, the easier our job becomes. In a Social Media Marketing campaign, communication between us and our client is very important. The more comfortable you are, the better our communication will be.