Radio promos

*Blog blast  – Email blast content to music blogs: $300


*Radio blast – Email blast to various radio stations/DJs (includes commercial/terrestrial, college, satellite, internet, community, pirate, international, & podcast radio): $500


*Working record at radio – In addition to a radio email blast, this includes making calls to radio, getting on playlists, chart placement, feedback, etc. (Does not include all inclusive terrestrial radio): $1000


*Working a record blogs – In addition to a blog email blast, this includes individually contacting blogs, placements, feedback, etc. – $600


*Complete radio campaign – In addition to a radio blast, there will be a full on promotional onslaught to get spins at terrestrial/commercial radio (mixshow). We will consult with the artist and find out what market/s is best to go after: Prices vary a lot depending on budget


*Street team promo – Distribution of promo items at special events, clubs, parties, lifestyle venues, etc. in 20 major markets including Miami, NY, North Carolina, Virginia, Atlanta, DC, Boston, Philly, Chicago, Detroit, Houston, Dallas, Phoenix, LA, San Diego, San Francisco, Las Vegas, NJ, Connecticut, & Orlando – Starts at $500 per market


*Night club/Strip club promotions – Promoting & breaking records at clubs in the same markets as above: Starts at $500 per market


*Publicity – Blog interviews, public appearances, meet & greets, special events, magazine interviews, sponsorings, phone interviews, etc. – Starts at $1000

**Digital distribution through The Orchard available upon inquiry