Data Analytics Tool

PrimsTracker is our analytics tool that is included in our Brand Ur Gram service. We will pull your Instagram data every morning at 5 AM and provide detailed reports of the progress of your account. This will include analytics about your followers, likes/comments per post and how many times you are mentioned or searched by others! We can also create custom reports and analytics for clients by request. PrimsTracker does NOT require your password! However, you must sign into Instagram and authorize us to access your data.

Authorize PrimsTracker

In order for us to begin pulling your data, you must authorize PrimsTracker. Upon authorization, you will be given a unique access code for your account. You must provide this access code to us. You will receive instructions on how to locate and send the access code upon authorization.

Please click here and sign into Instagram to authorize PrimsTracker.


PrimsTracker Example

Every client will be provided access to their own custom report as shown below. This will give us a better understanding of how well your account is progressing. If there is something specific you would like us to track and present, contact us!