Social Media and Music – How they Benefit Each Other

Many music artists fail to see the many ways that they can benefit from the connection between social media and music. Social media represents not only a terrific marketing opportunity but also a way to have your music reach the ears of people who might otherwise never hear your sound. It allows you to reach out to other artists, increase your fan base, and showcase your personality. Just a few of the possible benefits of social media are discussed below.

Social Media and Music

Using Social Media and Music to Increasing your Fan base


One of the most common ways that social media and music interact is as a way for an artist to build or improve a fan base. Social media allows you to interact with other artists and their fans. By contacting artists that produce a similar sound, you can get access to a whole new group of fans that might be interested in what you have to offer. You can promote your music to these fans, suggesting your work as something they might like if they are interested in a similar group they follow. Even more valuable is connecting with the music artist themselves and getting them to publicly recommend your music. This gives you a great way to promote yourself through word of mouth.

Generating Traffic with Social Media


Putting your music on streaming sites like YouTube and Sound Cloud is a great step to take when you want to put out your music. But the next challenge is attracting the right people to your posts. Social media and music are tied together for this purpose, because there is no better tool out there to target your listeners and direct them to your streamed music. Making sure to notify the right groups via social media can increase the number of likes and favorites that your music gets. This in turn increases its visibility to other users not only your social media networks. This process is a self-feeding way to promote your music, getting it to as many interested people as possible.


Separating Your Music from the Pack with Social Media


Modern technology allows anybody to upload their music and share it with the world. That means there’s a lot of music out there that is mediocre or worse. With so much music to sift through, how does somebody find new music they might like? The answer to that question is through social media. Social media and music can be combined as a way of showing the world what people find legitimately interesting and what has only a fringe interest. The more likes you get and the more buzz you spread through your various social media networks, the more people will trust that you create quality music. This in turn will give you an advantage over other music artists.


Interacting with your Listeners


A social media network is a great way to show off your personality and give people an example of the kind of person you are when you’re not recording music. Many people are amazed by the interaction between social media and music. They get a thrill at the chance to speak personally with the artists they like, even if it’s not face to face. Getting online and talking to your fans takes only a few minutes out of each day. It’s a terrific way to show your appreciation, present a look at you are as a person, and converse with people you might otherwise never get a chance to meet. Social media provides a great many opportunities to musicians interested in the world as a whole.

Getting Fast Feedback via Social Media for your Music


One of the unique opportunities available with social media and music is the chance to get useful and constructive feedback from your target audience. You should try interacting with your listeners and asking them what they think about your newest work. This can gauge how well something is going to fare critically before the reviews even come in. You can also use your social media networks to get requests from listeners if you are interested in taking them. Social media and music empowers the listener while also giving the musician valuable information and feedback.


Social media and music are an essential combination to those who want to promote their work and get feedback from others.

Music Promo – Do you need it to Succeed in the Music Industry?

There are a lot of different ways to promote your music, but how many are really necessary? When you have limited resources, it’s important to prioritize your music promo. That means knowing what will help you succeed within the industry and what tactics aren’t worth your time. Consider some of the tips below when it comes to promoting your music.

Music Promo

Use Tiers of Music Promo


Different levels of promotion bear different results. When it comes to music promo, there are generally three major marketing areas: digital marketing, radio, and blogs. Digital marketing comes through online distribution as well as through apps such as Spotify and other social music outlets. This is generally the most important level of marketing, since we live in such an information-driven digital age. Radio is not to be forgotten, as so many people still listen to the radio on a daily basis, either online or in their vehicles. Blogs can be useful as well, but are firmly in third place when compared to the other two. Blogs help cater to existing listeners, while the other two tiers allow you to grow your base.


Develop a Music Promotional Plan


Do you specifically need the aforementioned tiers of marketing for your music promo? That depends on how you want to go about your craft. Virtually everybody can benefit from digital promotion, as it gets your name out to the highest amount of possible listeners. It can also be used to promote special events such as concerts. Radio promotion allows you to reach new listeners, but only within certain pre-set audiences, as each station has a key demographic that they rarely move outside of. Blogs are a great way to show off your music expertise and to add a personal side to your craft, but have the disadvantage of not showing off your music as directly. The tiers you use depend on your musical goals.


Control your Success


Typical musicians earn about 60% of their total revenue through distribution and music promo. That means that modern musicians need to be both creators and marketers. Even if you have an agent or similar representative to help get your name out there, your music is only going to succeed if you put your face and personality into it. It can be very tempting to focus on the art alone, but the simple truth of the matter is that ignoring the promotional aspects of the business will leave you with a lot of music that nobody ever listens to. While there is a large amount of luck involved in who makes it big and who doesn’t, those who have the greatest success are the ones who take control of their promotion.


Develop a Music Promotional Team


Planning your own music promo is an important aspect to success in the industry, but putting together a strong team of people you can trust is also very important. Promotion requires agents, marketers, record labels, and the artist to all work together as a flawless team. For your part, you should have a strong plan for the promotion of your music. Consider the guidelines above with regard to how digital distribution, radio, and other promotional tactics interact. Plan out your promotional plan, then bring that plan to your team and have them go over it. The best way for music promo to succeed is to have everybody collaborate on the plan, making sure that nobody leaves a loose end when getting the word out.


Craft your Image


As an artist, one thing you need to make sure you do is create a public image for yourself. You should be handling the majority of this process, since it will be your face that gets put out there. However, this is again something that should be checked over by the team you assemble. They can help you decide talking points when you make a blog entry, determine what sort of image and style fits your music, and so on. Consider the number of musicians who are known as much by their personalities as their music.


Do you need music promo? Barring a few rare circumstances, you probably do if you want to make it big in the industry. Make sure you come up with a plan for the release of your album and beyond, and run it through a team of people who can give you an honest opinion if possible. Promoting your music will give you the success you need in order to continue working on your art in the future.