Brand Ur Gram

Instagram Branding Service with Double the Value at the Half the Price!


What is our Mission?
Our mission is to find the goals that you strive to reach with your Instagram account and do our best to help you reach them.

What we’re all about!
Perception is everything with Social Media and that’s what we are here for. We have been working with Instagram for 6+ years an this is what we believe to be the perfect combination of giving you a better presence on Instagram. We will assist you in growing your following while giving you access to PrimsTracker, our data analytics tool.

Why Choose Us?

Extremely Affordable!

Accommodating Packages!

Advanced Analytics!

Targeted followers that value your brand!

Sculpt Your Image
Grow your following, increase engagement and analyze content to turn your page into a brand that your followers will flock to.

Deliver Results
You will begin seeing results on your account the first week. However, we love to think big and reach the long-term goals that we set no matter the task.

Track your Growth with PrimsTracker!
PrimsTracker is our analytics tool that is included in our service. We will pull your Instagram data every morning at 5 AM and provide detailed reports of the progress of your account. This will include analytics about your followers, likes/comments per post and how many times you are mentioned or searched by others! We also create custom reports and analytics for clients to see stats and data designed to help you reach your specific goals.

Increase Targeted Followers
 We will engage with targeted accounts in your field through hashtags people are using, accounts that users are following, or their location. We are not sending you people who have no interest in your brand just so you can increase your follower number. We are also never sending  you fake followers who have no interest in what you are doing online because they will not show engagement or get you a sale.
Social Media Content Creation
Content is the most valuable asset to your Instagram account! It is what entices someone to follow you, it has that follower engage on your account, and potentially convert into a sale. We will give you the tips and blueprint to content creation or we can just do it for you. You have the choice depending on your time and budget.