Best Marketing Strategy – How to Identify the Best Source of Traffic

What is the Best Marketing Strategy?

Businesses of all sizes are turning to online marketing to build their brand and boost sales, but developing the best marketing strategy isn’t always easy. As technology advances, marketing trends and consumer habits are evolving just as quickly. Successful marketing strategies must be flexible enough to adapt to these changes and typically employ a mixture of techniques to generate steady traffic.


Content Marketing and Blogging


Original, informative content has always been a core part of any good marketing strategy. Blogs are an excellent outlet for content sharing and allow companies to interact on a more personal level with consumers. The best business blogs focus on posting industry related information that their customers will find valuable rather than company news and promotional material. Guest blogging, email marketing, and participation in relevant forums are other content sharing techniques that continue to drive traffic and increase sales.


Social Media Marketing


The best marketing strategy for today’s businesses must go beyond basic content marketing though. Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, encourage a more personal relationship between companies and their customers. In addition to offering a highly effective way to share content, social media also provides businesses with the opportunity to directly communicate with consumers. Companies with active profiles on several social sites tend to see the best results. YouTube, Pinterest, Instagram, and other popular outlets allow businesses to build their brand with videos, photos and content.


Search Engine Optimization


The right balance of content and social marketing is essential for effective SEO. In the past, businesses created keyword-rich articles and generated inbound links to earn top rankings in the search engines. Today, keywords and link activity aren’t nearly as important as a web page’s popularity in social circles. Likes, shares, and other social signals carry a great deal of weight in search rankings. The best marketing strategy incorporates organic SEO techniques, informative content, and the effective use of social media into a single plan that drives traffic from multiple sources while also ranking well in search engine results.


Value-Driven Marketing


Modern consumers expect personalized experiences that somehow enrich or improve their lives. Successful companies must add value though their products and services, as well as with their marketing and branding techniques. A product sample, free downloads, and promotional giveaways are part of many effective marketing strategies. Free giveaways can generate new leads and drive traffic, but businesses who give away items that add value are more likely to see repeat customers. These value-driven companies also enjoy more social shares, as well as word-of-mouth referrals from satisfied consumers.


Marketing to Mobile Users


As sales for mobile devices continue to outnumber PCs and laptops, businesses without any sort of mobile marketing plan will quickly fall behind. Mobile-friendly websites are only one aspect of an effective campaign. The best marketing strategy to reach mobile users must also include opportunities to interact with consumers and to add value to their experience. Many companies use text messages to deliver coupons and to remind customers of upcoming events. Mobile apps are becoming an increasingly popular marketing technique, allowing businesses to build their brand in creative ways among mobile users.


Keeping it Simple


With so many different ways to reach consumers, it’s important to remember that simplicity is the key to developing the best marketing strategy. Businesses that center their campaign around a single, simple message typically see better results than companies who boast long lists of benefits and selling points. Infographics and image-based content are excellent sources of traffic across all marketing platforms, especially when they provide information or entertainment instead of just a sales pitch. Effective marketing strategies are nothing like traditional advertising techniques used in the past. A simple, but successful campaign requires a creative approach.


There are dozens of effective strategies for online marketing and branding campaigns, but there isn’t a single one-size-fits-all plan that will work for every business. The best marketing strategy employs a diverse collection of techniques that drive traffic from multiple sources. Effective online marketing consists of a simple message delivered in a number of unique ways. Your marketing plan should be individually tailored to suit your company and the consumers it serves.

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